100 Ways

100 Ways Bellevue is better than Bellingham

In Bellevue:
1. Bicycles don't lean against my car in traffic.
2. Grocery stores are open past 11pm.
3. There are 3 Safeways.
4. I've yet to see a protest that blocks traffic.
5. Nobody shops in pajamas (except me a couple of times).
6. I've never had to pay for downtown parking.
7. Even the (very few) panhandlers dress well.
8. The mall has garage style parking with optional valet service.
9. Children don't run wild through the stores (at least not the ones I frequent).
10. I've yet to see a single accident in the 3 months I've been here.
11. There are more jobs than residents.
12. I always feel safe walking at night.
13. I got to pick the color and size of my library card (I picked the purple key chain).
14. Despite being small (approx. 31 square miles), it has 3 malls.
15. There are nearly 100 parks.  In fact, Bellevue is known as being the "city in a park."
16. Seattle is just 7 miles away.
17. I was able to get a same day dental appointment AND they fixed the problem (a filling had come loose, so they had to refill it).
18. There don't appear to be any skunks. In Bellingham, skunks frequently sprayed near our apartment.
19. There aren't (Canada) border related problems.
20. There haven't been any murders in the paper...so far.
20. I haven't encountered any one way streets.

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