Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tiger Shrimp

I bought some Tiger Shrimp from a friend last Monday.  I had her call me when she left Mount Vernon so I could leave at the same time.  It was a longer trip for her, but it gave me time to do some shopping.  I found some slippers for myself and a COD Modern Warfare 3 shirt for Justin.

Nine of the ten shrimp have survived so far.  I'm disappointed that one died, but since it was missing its head, I'm pretty sure one of the guppies made a snack of it.  I really hope I have a mix of males and females so they'll breed.  The plan is to eventually use my other 5.5 gallon as a shrimp breeder.  Baby shrimp are cute and make great fish food.

I made a hose cover for Justin's CPAP yesterday out of fleece and an insulating fabric.  He said he didn't have any rainout last night, so I'm hopeful that it will continue to work.  It was very time consuming to turn it right side out as it is six feet long, but if it works, it was worth it.  After all the hassles my sewing machine gave me, I've definitely decided to buy a new one.  Sewing machines have amazing features now, so I'm pretty excited.

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